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Getaway Guide

Styles for your vacation packing list.

May 06, 2022

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Now Grab That Weekender Bag And Load It With These Six Easy Pieces:

Renew that passport. Secure that flight. Reserve that hotel. Summer has arrived, and we’re going on holiday at last! Fashion versatility is always our go-to, but especially on vacay. Style that goes the distance, literally, by being multi-faceted and functional. 

Nothing exudes timeless glamour with as many fab end-uses as the caftan; that’s why it’s at the top of our packing list. This iconic fashion silhouette works like a dream over swimwear, lounging about in the afternoon with a book, and onto dinner on its own with a great wedge heel. More to take: Do not forget to pack a swimsuit that catapults your confidence. Get your hands on a great duster; we wear them over our bathing suits by day and over denim in the evening. You’ll need a fiercely feminine dress for hot dinner plans, and lastly, pack one chic short look and one elevated denim look and—done. 

Cross what to wear off your list of travel preparations in these six inspired looks. Then get ready to look amazing, sunrise to sunset. 

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Now Grab That Weekender Bag And Load It With These Six Easy Pieces:

1.     An Iconic Embellished Caftan 

2.     An Ultra-flattering One-piece 

3.     A Beautiful Maxi Dress 

4.     A Crisp Shirt + Shorts 

5.     A Statement Top + Jeans 

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  • Swim Sense Twist Front One-Piece Swimsuit Splash Blue | $34.98
  • Dip Dyed Eyelet Maxi Dress Pink Multi | $69.98
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  • Bright Floral Embroidered Tiered Sleeve Off The Shoulder Blouse Mint Multi | $59.98