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Closet Organization

How to get your wardrobe ready for the next season

August 23, 2022

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Organizing your closet can be overwhelming, but it can also be enjoyable...and game-changing for getting ready for the next season. It’s always a good time to get in there and get your wardrobe in order with the transition from summer to fall. After the long summer of breezy dresses, swimsuits, and shorts, a reorganization will get you thinking about what you will need, replace, and update for fall. And…these same tips apply if you flip the switch when it comes time for a spring refresh.

So, where to start? Put on your favorite playlist and jump in!


Sort & Simplify

The best way to declutter is by cleaning out. Remove the contents of your closet, and as you go, begin the sorting process.

Making Room

We all do it. We hang onto items we know don’t quite fit into or don’t ever wear again; maybe they have sentimental value, or they cost a pretty penny. But try to come to terms with letting these go…put those pieces you’ll never part with in one pile and the ones you courageously release into another. Think of it this way; you may be able to cash in on expensive items by reselling them or putting them on consignment. Also, try a clothing swap or donate them to a charitable organization…it is good for the soul.

Taking Stock

Store the only summer styles in spare closets and drawers or create needed space with rollaway under-bed storage, hat boxes, and bins. This clears away the definite no's for fall and gives you room to sift and evaluate what you want to take into the next season. Keep in mind, you don’t have to rule out sleeveless tops and blouses or lighter-weight fabrics if you can layer them under fall jackets and sweaters. By all means, those get a pile as well. 

Now take a good look at all that has been in the back section of your closet…your warmer layers, textures, and heavier weight styles. What do you see? Outdated colors? Worn out knee and elbows? Pilled and pulled sweaters? We know where those all go! Any items needing a refresh, mending or cleaning, mark them for the tailor and dry cleaner. Those beloved pieces that you hadn’t seen in a while…the ones you can’t wait to wear again, the autumn classics, the smart investments, favorite statement-makers, the styles you bought end of season last year with the tags still on…all keepers and all moving to the front of the closet!

Next, get out a pen and paper or your checklist app and jot down what’s missing. Here are some 2022 fall trends to consider when compiling your list:

1.    The Statement Jacket – leather and suede are trending, as are neutral-to-chocolate hues.

2.    Luxe Leather – not just for jackets, leather, genuine or faux, leather tops, bottoms, dresses, and trims are everywhere.

3.    Sweater Obsession – shaker, cable-stitch, cashmere, ribbed…all the textures to love are shown in outfit-building styles, including loungewear sets, dresses, and long cardigans.

4.    New Bohemian – boho influences continue into fall in flowy silhouettes, florals, and paisley prints.

5.    Boots & Western Accessories – hats, belts, boots…touches of western present new, free-spirited ways to complete your look.    

6.    Pattern Mix – update prints styles in patchwork, plaids, paisleys, and florals. 

7.    Ponchos Are Back – the effortless layer to throw on over everything with glam fur and fringe details.

After identifying all the new styles you want to add to your fall looks, be sure you have the essentials covered too with turtlenecks, blouses, blazers, leggings, pants, and jeans in seasonal colors, weights, and silhouettes. Check out the Beyond Basics collection for those.

1. brown suede jacket. 2. brown faux-leather leggings. 3. light pink plush sweater cardigan. 4. multicolor floral long-sleeve short dress. 5. brown western boots. 6. green paisley print off-the-shoulder long-sleeve maxi dress. 7. plaid faux-fur poncho.


Come Clean

Your empty closet is now your blank canvas to create the space you want for your fall wardrobe. While there’s the opportunity, give it a good cleaning by wiping down bars, dusting around, vacuuming the nooks and crannies, and changing out closet sachets with a new fall fragrance to set the mood. Also, now would be a good time to rethink and rearrange areas of the closet as needed by moving around shelves, opening more space for hanging items, and creating the right flow for your organizational style. For extra spiff, if you do not already have matching hangers, this simple update will work wonders for beautifying your closet. And after the space is set, see if there’s wall area free for hanging a favorite picture or mirror to give your closet an added personal touch.


New Order

There are different ways of approaching closet organization. Think about how you plan outfits, how much time you give yourself for dressing and the various occasions you dress for. Most organization experts would agree that separating items by category is efficient and a good time-saving idea. Taking it even further, break each category down by color and type to help refine exactly what you’re looking for when putting together an outfit, so each chic piece you want to wear is at your fingertips.

Example: Tops > Black tops > Black sweaters > Black knits > Black blouses > Black tees

If you are always in a hurry, you may want to arrange some of your key outfits together on a single hanger for a grab-and-go look you don’t have to think about. This approach makes quick changes seamless and hassle-free.


On Display

The last task in switching out a summer to fall closet is tackling shoes and accessories. There a many crafty ways to display accessories for easy viewing and access. If you don’t have one of those dream closets with built-ins for all the extras, try carving out a section of the closet for stacking clear bins, hanging an accessory rack, arranging hooks, and adding shoe organizers. Your belts, scarves, hats, and boots will love you for it.

This organizational exercise should help say goodbye to summer and hello to the fall season with anticipated excitement. Now that you're closet is ready, shop new fall arrivals here.