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Stylish Fall Looks at any Age

Wear the latest styles with confidence

April 05, 2022

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Regardless of age or body type, confidence is key to looking and feeling comfortable in any outfit. These foolproof recommendations guarantee fashionable style that’s ageless and elegant.


A quintessential outfit for fall is the jeans-sweater-boots combination. This long sweater duster is ideal for cooler weather and boldly graphic in rich earth tones, plus its easy fit that skims over the body, shows flair without faux pas. What makes this outfit effortlessly chic too is the luxe pair of boots and standout belt to pull everything all together; skimping on details can make all the difference in creating distinctive style, so be sure to accessorize accordingly.


There’s a right way and a wrong way to wear a skirt that falls above the knee. This look is quite right being perfectly balanced with a long cardigan. The two pieces play off each other to create a sophisticated silhouette that signifies ease and confidence, along with a dark stocking to continue the flow of color down to your toes. And to avoid black looking overly drab, lighten the look with a contrasting top to break things up.


A tie-waist pant is always flattering. Such a look signifies relaxed elegance and glamour. The wider leg and crepe fabric create effortless style and ease of movement. One important thing to note, the pant hem can be tricky to get right. Too long a length can overwhelm the frame and look messy while too short diminishes the fluidity and modern feel. Also, pairing with a top and jacket that are soft and understated keep the pant the star of your outfit.


This maxi has all the style and details to be a “go-to” dress for any woman. Flattering V-neck, three-quarter sleeve, tie sash around the waist and side slit add up to a flawless look. An added bonus — the exclusive fabric is not only comfortable, but wrinkle-resistant as well. Something as subtle as wrinkles after wear can add frump to an outfit that is otherwise fabulous. With a Beyond Travel™ Dress, that will never happen!


Street chic is quite easy to pull off when you are wearing a coordinating warmup that looks sporty and sophisticated at the same time. This look, while youthful, isn’t only for the youth. V-striping is flattering as are the racing stripes down the legs and arms. A look like this shows playfulness with attention to top-notch style.


A little edginess goes a long way in conveying fashion sense, and just a touch shows you know how to not overdo it. Take this classical shirt-dress style and spin it with an animal print twist. The vertical pattern of juxtaposed wild cat spots is tasteful, intriguing and impeccable. It’s an elegant way to wear a trendy look with panache.


One can never go wrong in is a silky blouse. What makes this one exceptionally flattering is the hidden buttons and dramatic French cuffs. This shirt presents a sleek, refined and polished look to a pair of jeans or trousers and also creates an easy, yet feminine, office look worn with a pencil skirt and a great pair of pumps.