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Resort Getaway Packing List

December 27, 2023

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Weekend Packing List | Escape to Paradise | Beach-chic Getaway

With the holiday season wrapping up, some of us around the office are taking some much-deserved time off. After laptops shut down and the out-of-office assistant takes over, it’s time to unwind, recharge, and enjoy a few sun-soaked days someplace warm. So what does the Boston Proper team pack for their getaways? Read on…


Weekend Packing List

I start by defining my color palette and build upon that. For my upcoming resort stay, I plan on lounging by the pool, taking in a few sights, and not much more, really. I need to relax! However, I will bring this polished swim and linen capsule with me because I am a stickler for pulled-together looks, even on vacation.

- Lisa, VP Supply Chain

Photo collage of four outfit options for you weekend in paradise. Linen black top, linen black embroidered pants with black sandals. Models wearing gold metallic one piece with black sheer cover up and a matching hat. Swim suit option of black rosette one piece, linen shorts and a high neck dress and golden sandal.


Escape to Paradise

Our family was in from out of town for the holidays, and we entertained non-stop. While we had a blast, my hubby and I are ready for white sandy beaches and tropical sunsets. I compiled my packing list to include some favorite pieces from our getaway collection. Everything mixes and matches easily, so I know I’ll be ready for whatever the vacation brings. 

- Angela, Trend Manager

Photo collage of four paradise outfits. Gold metallic halter top with malibu metallic pants and chain detail gold sandal. Blue status print blouse, blue cornflower bikini top and white linen shorts. Models wearing cornflower blue bikini. Last outfit option is cold shoulder chain strap top, light wash jeans and gold metallic heels.


Beach-chic Getaway

I am looking forward to turquoise waters, cabana service, and a little island nightlife. For this, I love these chic pieces to cover it all. My vacation style tends to gravitate to the beachy-boho vibe, so I’ve checked all the boxes for a stylish getaway between the color palette, style details, and accessories I’m packing.

- Laura, Associate Design Director

Photo collage of four beach chic getaway outfits. So essential cornflower blue long sleeve, light wash shorts, white denim jacket and metallic sandals. One piece dress swimsuit in cornflower blue and blue status print scarf.. Blue status print dress with blue wedge heel. Metallic cold shoulder chain straps, white monterey jeans.