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Jumpsuits For Every Body

How to Wear and Style Fashion’s Favorite Head-to-Toe Look

April 05, 2022

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Jumpsuits make a bold fashion statement, whatever the style and whatever the occasion. There’s something about a jumpsuit that expresses confidence and panache in the woman who steps out in this look. While the one-piece, head-to-toe outfit is convenient and easy, there are a few things to consider when choosing the most flattering style and deciding which accessories are best to pair them with.


Thankfully, jumpsuit styles vary widely and a perfect match can be found for every body type. If you are taller, you can carry off a wide-leg style with ease. Slimmer leg styles and V-necks tend to be better suited for those who don’t have as much height as they won’t leave you looking overwhelmed by too much fabric or exaggerate your stature. Many styles are fitted at the waist and quite flattering on most figures as it creates a curvier silhouette.


Once you determine the sort of style, you should then consider your occasion and the season. Jumpsuits are designed in a variety of fabrics that range from casual to dressy and in print, solid or textured. Of course, sleeve and neckline choices will be driven by the climate for the most part. However, a sleeveless or strapless look can perhaps be worn regardless of season if layered appropriately with a like-style wrap, cardigan or duster. Going this route does offer more versatility in your wardrobe.


Bold accessories will break up the full-length look of a jumpsuit, but be careful not to overdo it. If belting the jumpsuit, choose a necklace or choker that doesn’t compete. Shoes must also balance the entire look, so choose a suitable style. For special occasions or date night, a strappy sandal or dressy platform keeps the elegant flow of wide-leg jumpsuits. A pump can also be ultra-fashionable with styles that hit or gather at the ankle. Sneakers, flats or even booties can work for more casual jumpsuits, but again, think about the length of the leg and where it hits. Anything too chunky may create a heavy look.