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How To Wear Pastels In Winter

Get styling tips for the biggest color trend this season.

April 05, 2022

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Our Favorite Pastels To Wear In Winter | How To Style Pastels In Winter

Go beyond dramatic winter shades—the biggest color trend for winter 2020 is like a breath of fresh air. While we typically think of pretty pastels like baby blue and blush as colors to wear in warmer months, you’ll soon notice (if you haven’t already) that they’re having a major moment as temperatures dip. Maybe it’s the crisp, cool air of the season or the desire to lighten things up amid a sea of holiday reds and greens, little black dresses, and other dark hues—either way, we’re finding pastels are perfect winter colors.


Our Favorite Pastels To Wear In Winter

This season, we’re all about barely-there hues that remind us of winter snowscapes. Think blush pink that’s like the flush of rosey cheeks on a cold winter day, or icy blue hues that are cool and crisp like the winter air, the latter being a major winter trend in everything from fashion to decor right now. We’re also into clean winter whites, creamy beiges, and camel colors that add a bit of warmth.


How To Style Pastels In Winter

While you can wear anything you like in pastel colors, we’re loving the balance of plush sweaters and stylish coats in cool colors that remind us of winter. The contrast of warm and cozy styles in light, icy colors is what makes pastels work so well this season. You’ll find pastel colors are surprisingly versatile in winter—you just may wear them with different colors than you would in warmer months.

  • Pair a pastel with a jewel tone. Think deep plum, emerald green, or dark blue. Pastel colors soften dramatic dark colors you often wear in winter, brightening up your look with a lighter shade.
  • Pair a pastel with brown. Earthy brown colors have a warmth to them that balances out the crisp coolness of a pastel. For example, we love brown boots with white denim and a pastel sweater.
  • Pair a pastel with sparkling details. Why not lean into the season with icy embellishments? It also makes a luxe sweater or sleek top ready for party season.
  • Pair a pastel with white or beige. A tonal or monochromatic look is a chic way to show your sharp sense of style. Contrary to what you may have been taught growing up, wearing white after Labor Day is a popular style statement that’s been overshadowing old-school rules for some time now. Clean white denim is a year-round essential!