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The Best Present to Get Yourself

March 08, 2022

Treat yourself to the top holiday gifts this year

Treat yourself to the top holiday gifts this year

model wearing a black and red embroidered sweater and red velvet pants.

We love a season that's all about giving, but you deserve a few things, too. When you’re putting together your gift list this year, don’t forget to add yourself! And if someone’s looking for a few ideas for things to wrap up and give you, this list is a good start. In a year that’s seen a lot of uncertainty, it’s nice to unwrap a few things you know you’ll love (or to just treat yourself).

  1. The Embellished Cardigan

    Comfy and cozy, it steps up any outfit and still feels like you’re dressed up. The style is perfect for going to a friend’s for cocktails or hosting a little dinner party at your house.

  2. The Graphic Tee

    Nothing gives you instant holiday cheer (or instant anyday cheer) like a cheeky graphic tee. We love it with jeans and sneakers or ankle boots—and you can dress it up with a tailored blazer for video conference calls or happy hours.

  3. The Chic Zip Set

    This is like many presents wrapped in one, because the two separate pieces give you endless outfit options to mix and match. It’s the year-round go-to you’ll need in every color.

  4. The Ombre Duster

    Want laid-back glam that feels like you’re really treating yourself? This duster is one of our favorite styles of the year; it makes even jeans and a tee feel cocktail-ready (during the holidays and all of the other days, too).

  5. The Sequin Top

    We love unwrapping something sparkly, even better if you can wear it right now. This is your going-out top you can also wear at home for intimate celebrations, Zoom calls with family and friends, and any time you want to break out of routine.

  6. The Stiletto Boots

March 08, 2022