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Favorite Holiday Movie
Fashion Moments

We all love a good holiday movie, and now that the season is in full swing, get yourself into the spirit by watching these classics with some hot cocoa and cookies on the couch. We couldn’t help but compare some of the notable styles worn in the movies and interpret them into looks to wear now.

1. It's A Wonderful Life

The 1946 classic “It’s A Wonderful Life” shows us the true significance of life and the impact just one person can make on the lives of others. You can’t help but feel inspired and uplifted when George realizes how blessed he is.

Model wearing a black deep v-neck sweater with floral applique.
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Fashion Moment: Our Lacy Neckline

In one of the most heartwarming scenes of all time, Mary wears an elegant black dress trimmed with a contrasting lace neckline.

2. The Santa Clause

This is a touching movie that makes us believe in the miracle of Christmas and how reality is what you accept and believe in. Sometimes people need to learn about forgiveness and new ways to look at life.

model sitting in a wooden chair wearing a red blazer and red travel pants with black pumps.
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Fashion Moment: Our Red Suit

He’s not the first to wear this classic holiday style, but he does make it look and feel very authentic.

3. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Well the Griswold family may be a little dysfunctional, but we do love spending Christmas with them. After all, who puts on a better light show than Clark? Through the laughs, we’re reminded of the meaning of family and the appreciation of traditions.

model wearing white embellished button up top with black pants.
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Fashion Moment: Our Brooch Blouse

Ellen’s style is classic and feminine in an emerald-green satin skirt and lacy blouse accented with a jeweled brooch.

4. White Christmas

In this nostalgic holiday musical we find two song-and-dance teams falling in love, with an ending that showcases the most-beloved holiday song ever recorded. You can’t help but get into the swing of things and tap your feet to the dance routines.

model wearing sequin black and gold duster over black turtleneck.
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Fashion Moment: Our Sequin Style

Betty Haynes put on a grand show alongside Bob and Phil in glamorous sequins.

5. Elf

At every turn, Buddy’s innocent elf outlook makes us remember how much fun it is to be youthful, free and not so serious all the time. With his faith, Buddy even turns his hard-nosed biological dad into believing there is a Santa.

model wearing cream colored faux fur embellished cardigan over cream tank top and white jeans.
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Fashion Moment: Our Ivory Faux-Fur Collar Look

Buddy dresses with traditional elf flair, however, we do love the ivory faux-fur collar.

6. Love Actually

We are taken through interconnected storylines of people experiencing different facets of love during the holiday season. It’s a fun, tearful and crazy rollercoaster ride called love. And actually, in the end, we’re uplifted.

model wearing gray tunic sweater with gray snake print leggings and gray faux fur sneakers.
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Fashion Moment: Our Animal Print

Billy Mack rocked a few looks in the film, but we particularly like his snakeskin pants.

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