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Accents speak louder than words with bold statement accessories and subtle, feminine accents from Boston Proper. Choose from long tassel necklaces, sparkling bibs, cocktail rings, boho earrings and bracelets plus belts, bags, sunglasses, hats, scarves and more.

Faux turquoise charm necklace
Medallion earrings
Properâ„¢ sexy bangle set
Medallion belt
Fringe drawstring bag
Floral drop necklace
Natural stone belt
Floral statement necklace
Faux turquoise burst earrings
Faux turquoise boho earrings
Boho medallion necklace
Metal ring belt
Faux turquoise cuff
Faux turquoise burst necklace
Crystal boho chandelier earrings
Femme chandelier earrings
Coin necklace
Wooden bangle set
Medallion pendant necklace
Whipstitch clutch
Crystal bead necklace
Circle chandelier earrings
Smoky earrings
Sexy rocker necklace
Jeweled dome ring
Rose Gold candle
Rose Gold room spray
Cocktail ring
Oval hoop
Smokey ring
Proper Aviator Sunglasses
Sea life necklace
Sexy hoops
Ring chandelier earring
Faux mother of pearl beaded earring
Colorful earrings