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What Songs You Should Put on Your Fitness Playlist

How to curate the perfect playlist to keep you motivated throughout your workout

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Are you toning up for a healthier you this year? It’s no secret that working out is beneficial to one’s mental and physical health. From reducing stress to increasing metabolism, a daily workout can make a big difference to your well-being. Whether you squeeze in a ten-minute morning stretch or an hour-long walk in the evening, one thing that may help push you through is music. A good playlist can keep you motivated, increase your stamina, and most importantly, make it fun! So get into your favorite yoga pant or running shoes and turn up the music!

  1. Walking/Running

    Walking and running are great ways to stay active: you can do it indoors or outdoors, you can control the intensity, and all you need is a pair of sneakers making it a great do-anywhere workout! When picking your ideal playlist to keep you motivated, you have to think about BPM or beats per minute—if you are taking a leisurely stroll, pick a slower beat, and if you are power walking and working up to a run, you will want a faster beat. By picking a playlist by BPM, you are keeping up with your ideal pace without needing a treadmill to do it for you; just take one step with each beat and you have your set time! We like to stick to something motivating and loud with a good beat. This can be anything from easy-listening love songs to upbeat pop hits—the choice is yours! When you’re ready for your cooldown, we like slow beats with inspirational lyrics.

  2. Yoga

    Yoga is another great way to get moving and stay nimble at the same time. With endless free online yoga videos, it’s easy to practice at home and add your own music! Practicing to music makes yoga more of a moving meditation because you can really get lost in the beat. Whether you are feeling a slower, more restorative practice or a faster vinyasa practice, stick to mostly instrumentals and relaxing sounds of nature. You want the sounds to guide your practice, but not rule it—make it more about your body and less about the background noise.

  3. Strength Training

    Whether you’re hitting the gym or working out from home, a good playlist can make the difference between a good workout and a great one. Strength training isn’t what it used to be, so you can leave your sweatbands and leotards in storage (but a pair of leggings could help)! Picking high repetitions with lower weight will help you build lean, long muscles and will really make you feel that slow burn. You probably don’t want to listen to coffeehouse or acoustic music here—pick something with heavy guitar, strong beats, and motivating lyrics like 80’s rock and pop and old school new wave.

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