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Summer 2018

wanderlust-inspired trends

Summer Dress

Whether you're dreaming of your next escape or packing to go there, there's this feeling you get. It's a perfect fusion of excitement and anticipation, and this micro-collection was inspired by that feeling, the essence of wanderlust.

desert sun shimmer

Harnessing the gilded mirage of a sun shower over a vast desert expanse, these golden touches shimmer in every direction, creating a vision of pure beauty that's no illusion.

Summer Dress

natural neutrals

There are more grains of sand than stars in the sky and even more shades of shore-inspired hues to wear and pair with almost everything. That's the beauty of a natural neutral.

Summer Dress

southwestern sunsets

This season's version of the southwestern trend is more south by southwest, where tribal designs meet western touches in a flirty fusion of style and a sunset-inspired palette.

Summer Dress

a nostalgic breeze

Effortless silhouettes, soft sheer styles and touches of florals come together in a dreamy nod to the euphoria of a lazy summer breeze, lightly laced with fragrances of a time gone by.

Summer Dress