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Style Personality

Do you have a style personality? Most of us do without realizing it. If you find similar styles in your closet time after time, chances are you have a defining fashion style. Regardless of how you may put your own individual spin on your look, we have profiled a handful of overarching style personalities you may fall into.

model wearing a sleeveless yellow dress and gold cuff while holding a martini.
silos of tan dangle earrings and strappy silver heels.
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The Sophisticate

Clean, elegant lines, tailored pieces and polished accessories mean you have sophisticated style. Keeping it simple allows your true air and confidence to show. Impeccably sleek silhouette carries off bold color and statement accessories with ease and elegance.

silos of a tan snake print wedge and pastel statement earrings.
model wearing a multicolored animal print long-sleeve top and white jeans.
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The Charmer

Alluring, sexy and irresistible styles would put you in the charmer category. Feminine and flirty looks make you feel your best and captivating to all who engage with you. Mesh snakeskin print top and wedge, along with a bauble earring, show irresistible style.

model leaning against a wall wearing a black long sleeve turtleneck, black leather skirt, sheer black tights, and black heeled booties.
silo of statement sunglasses and black tie-front heeled booties.
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The Modernist

Everything you wear has edge and is most likely black. It’s what makes your metropolitan style forever modern. You have an exceptional eye for putting pieces together with urban ease. Forever chic faux-leather skirt and black turtleneck look gets an edgy addition with bootie and sunglasses.

silo of a metallic strap black bra and animal print slip-on sneakers.
model wearing a black twofer duster and dress with animal print slip-on sneakers.
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The Bohemian

When gypsy, peasant and hippie-chick looks meet in an easy, carefree way, you’ve got boho style. No matter the occasion, you infuse a bohemian vibe into every look. Free and easy one-piece dress-duster combo is effortless. Pair with spirited sneaker and studded bralette.