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How to dress Boho image with model
Fashion Tips & How-To's


June 3, 2022

What is the Boho Style?

The term Boho as we know it today still invokes the feeling of free-spirited individualism that defined the sixties and seventies. Think oversized round sunglasses and stacked bracelets; sheer capes, shawls, and paired with feathered hats; fringed crop tops and embellished bell bottoms.

Two thousand and five rolled around, and the Bohemian style experienced a revival with oversized bags and tiered dresses coming back into trend. Timeless, Boho is a look that says, “I’m casually but purposefully tousled because my life is mine, and I do things my way.”

Characteristics of Boho Fashion

Typical Boho style consists of long flowing skirts and dresses, peasant blouses, bright colors, mismatched patterns, loose layers, natural elements like turquoise or wooden jewelry, embroidery, embellishment, and fringed pieces, usually topped off with a pair of flat sandals or chunky ankle boots. Fun accessories such as eclectic scarves, dangly earrings, and beaded bracelets are sprinkled throughout, adding texture and dimension to the layers.

The Basics of Boho Fashion

One of the many beautiful things about going for a Bohemian look is that the style is very forgiving and easy to achieve! Here are a few things to keep in mind when determining if a piece fits the Boho bill:

Colors: Earthy greens, blues, yellows, neutrals like browns, beige, and light-washed pastels make the perfect Boho color palette. Adding wood or shades of tan via jewelry, shoes, or trim can add warmth without being overwhelming, perfect for cool-toned skin.

Textures: Knits, crotchets, and velvets, oh my! Wool and suede are easy to layer up in the winter. Slinky silks and breathable cottons are perfect for summer.

Patterns: Traditionally, Boho is easy to identify, with patterns like paisley, floral, trellis, and tie-dye often combined into one outfit. The more modernized Boho-Chic achieves a similar look by throwing in a bold color or two in place of busy motifs.

Accessories: Think jewelry and more jewelry. The options are endless- scarves, headbands, pendants, giant rings, turquoise anything, antique finished gold and silver, big shades, layered necklaces, and oversized totes are always in Bohemian fashion.

Details: When aiming for a polished Boho-Chic aesthetic, search for pieces that have small details or muted colors. A knit top with floral embroidery or a textured tote adds Bohemian flare.

Trims: Another advantage of Boho fashion is that you don’t have to worry about being perfectly coordinated. Fringe, sequins, beads, tassels, and organic materials like wood, gemstones, and pearls are reliable choices. Express yourself and have fun!

How to Get the Boho Look

One beautiful thing about Boho is that it’s accessible to everyone regardless of age. This look might be about free-spirited individualism, but all fashion follows a formula. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Tops: Boho fashion loves romantic peasant blouses, layered ruffles, and bishop sleeves. Subtle beadwork or other embellishment adds a touch of eclecticism, and the off-shoulder look is perfect for summer.

Bottoms: When going Boho, comfortable maxi skirts, lounge pants, and flared bottoms are essential. Look for pieces with cinched waists but otherwise wide and comfortable cuts. Denim or crochet pants that flow into a wide-leg can be paired with any top.

Dresses: Knee-length and maxi dresses are staples. Look for flared sleeves, relaxed fits, A-line cuts, off-shoulder, and romantic, flowing silhouettes. A comfy, patterned sundress is a Boho must.

Accessories: Trims with movement like fringe, tassels, and beads will go a long way. Metals with an antique finish and oversized scarves, bags, and glasses help complete the look.

Headwear: Hats! Wide-brimmed fedoras, feathered or sequined, western-style, and all other hats are welcome aboard the Boho train.

Footwear: Ankle boots of any genre, gladiator sandals, or anything with a chunky heel all make for excellent Boho footwear. Look for natural elements like wood or soft hues like beige or brown. Remember not to sacrifice comfort for cut, a Bohemian mantra.

What are Boho Sleeves?

One thing Boho Style is known for is statement sleeves. Bishop, bell, and puff style sleeves, with half or three-quarter length cuts, make for feminine silhouettes. Think drama, romance, and free-flowing fabrics.

Going Boho at Any Age

We’ve said it once, and we’ll repeat it for the ladies in the back: Boho is timeless. Wearing comfortable, feminine, and sophisticated clothing is pretty much universally accepted. Boston Proper creates designs that transition seamlessly with all of life’s seasons; classic pieces that have no date but are always in fashion. Long, flowy, floral dresses are a staple, easily paired with knot sandals and a comfy cardigan. Light cotton pieces can be layered with dangly earrings and beaded bracelets. The same bohemian outfit can suit a music festival or a fine wine club with a few adjustments.

How to Wear Boho in the Winter

Layers are your best friend, both for winter wear and Boho fashion. Tiered dresses with textured cardigans, embellished sweaters, and denim paired with touches of boho accessories. Lengthy dresses with belted waists and light cardigans are another classic Boho combo that works well for mild climates.

Disclaimer: Be aware of the weight of the garments you’re layering. Too much of a good thing can make you look like you’ve overdone it, especially if you’re on the petite side; balance this by adding heeled boots, partnering longer overcoats with shorter tops, sweaters, or shedding a few layers.

What is Boho-Chic?

At its height in two thousand and five, Boho Chic is more neutral, streamlined, and less layer-heavy than its counterpart. Both styles celebrate natural elements, self-expression, and general eclecticism. The keywords here are still ‘free-flowing,’ ‘natural,’ and ‘textured,’ with ample fringe and wide-brimmed hats, but Boho-Chic leans towards urban and structured. Boho-chic is a more polished take on the style, a natural fit for the woman who is both wild-at-heart and professional.

The Don’ts of Boho Fashion

Remember, Boho is the fashion embodiment of the sixties and seventies peaceful counterculture. Colors should be soft and warm, inviting happy thoughts- avoid harsh neons. Minimalistic jewelry should be layered rather than worn alone. Avoid plastics and artificial fabrics like latex or acrylics. Focus on expressing yourself in the most authentic (and comfortable) way possible. Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable, either in fit or fashion.