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Signs of Spring

It always seems that spring is the most anticipated of all seasons. Maybe because it’s a feel-good time of year when the first daises push up, trees return to green, and the air is fresh with new life. From a fashion sense, it’s all about feminine style, rich textures and vibrant colors reflecting the tone of the season – just the kind of looks we’ve curated in our latest collection.


Women's clothing you can't find anywhere else

Fearlessly Feminine®

We believe a great outfit and the right attitude is all a woman needs to create her signature look with style that’s extraordinary yet effortless, chic yet carefree.

Always the latest looks

Whether it’s stylish maxi dresses, wedding guest dresses, and cocktail dresses or updating your work and weekend wardrobe, you can find all the looks you need for any occasion. Browse the best selection of the latest 2020 women's fashion and sexy clothes for women offered at Boston Proper. Find beautiful, one-of-a-kind styles that are age-and fit-appropriate for confident women who dress with elegance and flair. Whether it's a stunning embellished design or a comfy, sporty style, there are flattering looks for every woman - from special occasions to cozy nights at home.