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Discover distinctively chic women's shirts and blouses from Boston Proper. From embellished tunics and boho silhouettes to sensuous blouses and feminine details, Boston Proper's collection of ladies shirts are effortlessly sexy.

Intricate hourglass blouse
Embellished skies tunic
Lace embroidered tunic
Stud embellished tunic top
Faded leopard tunic
Tie front embellished tunic
Easy tie-front shirt
Tropic floral ruffle blouse
Proper™ sexy shirt
Fringe Marilyn blouse
Leopard jungle blouse
Tie-front tank top
Marilyn Blouse
Strappy cowl-neck tank top
Nikki blouse
Bling scoop-neck luxe tee
Scoop-neck luxe tee
Scoop-neck luxe tee
Specially Priced At  $29.00
Bright embellished tunic
Drape blouse
Embellished v-neck tunic top
Lace tunic top
Watercolor python Marilyn top
Watercolor python Marilyn top
Specially Priced At  $49.00
Boho embellished top
Lace blouse
Beaded ombre tunic
Beaded embellished tunic top
Beaded embellished tunic top
Specially Priced At  $99.00
Bronze embellished tunic top
Lace twinset tank top
Lace off-the-shoulder blouse
Lace twinset cardigan
Beaded blouson tunic top
Beaded blouson tunic top
Specially Priced At  $119.00
Lace embroidered sleeveless tunic
Gold embellished tunic
Sleeveless button-down shirt
Sequin poncho
Embellished sapphire tunic top